Frequently Asked Questions

The following answers to questions might answer some of your queries. For further help, please write to us through the Contact Page.

1. How and in what format will the product be delivered?

Product will be available for instant download as a zip file, which contains mp4 video files. Mp4 files offer maximum flexibility and can be played on any computer, smartphone or tablet.

2. Can I use my Debit/Credit card?

Yes. Credit/Debit cards from any part of the world can be used through PayPal. Further more, PayPal has a great buyer protection policy in case there is dispute regarding the order.

3. How much does the product cost in Indian Rupees (or some other currency)?

This particular Paypal account is set up to accept payments in US Dollars. With the help of the currency converter in the sidebar, Indian customers can convert the approximate cost in Indian rupees in the product and checkout page. Please note that your bank may charge you a very nominal fee conversion fee to pay in dollars.

Customers of other countries can use currency converters to approximate costs.

4. Is PayPal Secure?

Absolutely! PayPal is the world’s largest online payment system. Transactions made through PayPal are way more secure than giving your credit card information to small businesses. PayPal securely handles the transaction and doesn’t provide the merchant any credit or debit card details.

5. What is the steps to buy the product?

Please view this PDF File to see screenshots of the purchase process.

  1. Click on the Store page.
  2. Browse through the products, click on the product of your choice for detailed information.
  3. Click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button. Press on ‘View Cart’ or go to the ‘Cart Page’
  4. From the Cart page, verify the items in the cart and then click on the ‘Paypal Checkout Button’.
  5. You will be taken to the PayPal website where you can fill in details to use your Debit/Credit card or Paypal account to complete the transaction.
  6. Then the buyer is brought back to the website to review the order one last time. Click on ‘Place Order’.
  7. Now the order has been successfully placed. In the order details, the download link will show under the product section.
  8. By clicking on this link, download will automatically start.  The download link will be active for 3 days from the time of transaction.
  9. If you need any help, please write to us through the Contact Page