Vathapi – Hamsadhvani – Adi – Carnatic Lessons

6 Responses to “Vathapi – Hamsadhvani – Adi – Carnatic Lessons

  • Extremely nice. Very useful for those who learnt the fundamentals and are capable of understanding and following Guru Kanya Amma on the Violin and especially when they do not have a direct access to a Guru. For such students this will surely prove to be a boon.
    We sincerely wish this venture a thumping success with ever increasing users & followers of these lessons around the globe.
    – Jagannadha Rao & Anjani Mallajosyula.

  • shanthi Chandrasekhar
    8 years ago

    Very useful guide for anyone who wants to learn to play this beautiful instrument. I would like to know if the notations for these songs are also available. It will help us to follow the Guru easily.

  • Sasidharan.S
    7 years ago

    Great experience. My humble pranams.

  • It’s a very good experience, thanks for sharing this article.

    4 years ago

    this is very great experience thanks lots

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